What is it that barrier at the top of the road?

For a long time the unsafe situation on the parking lot has been a concern of the sports clubs Max Health Club, Leimonias and Klein Zwitserland. In order to make the parking area safer and clearer and to prevent damage (bridge railing, cars etc), it was decided - in consultation with Staatsbosbeheer and the municipality of The Hague - to place a barrier at the top of the Klatteweg. The purpose of the barrier is to close off access to the car parking lot when the parking lot is full. If the traffic light indicates green light/free, you can park in the parking lot. Walkers, cyclists, carrier bikes, scooters and motorbikes can simply pass. Whenever the full capacity of the parking area is reached, the barrier remains closed and the traffic light is red/full. In that case a parking space in the area will have to be found. Driving out always remains possible of course. For emergency services (police, ambulance and fire brigade), automatic access is immediately guaranteed.

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