Lessons to get fit!

The new Cycle Shape spinning lessons are a combination of a total body, but also cycling focused workout, all on the bike! Yes, you even use weights on the bike ... Say what! Let your favourite instructor take you away and the muscle ache the day after is just the cherry on the cake. Do you prefer an FTP lesson? Then cycle with us in our Power Cycling hours. For this lesson, an FTP value must be set on your Mywellness account. We will therefore plan special FTP test lessons in the week of 2 September. Reserve in your Mywellness app.

The same applies to an "upgrade" in the somewhat stronger Vinyasa Flow lessons. Do you prefer to move at a slower pace? Then flow along ‘Gentle’ in the next lesson. This lesson has also been introduced especially for those who want to get acquainted with yoga. Everyone is welcome.

Less is more ... and more is Max

The new cycling lessons have started since Monday 2 September and you can also update your yin and yang in the renewed yoga les...

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Caring back problems - news from the Max Health Care Corner!

Always wondered what exactly the difference is between physiotherapy and osteopathy? Or maybe you suffer from back problems? Th...

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