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Events and workshops

Workshop Your Inner Anchor

Thursday 11, 18, 25 April and 9 May from 20.00 to 21.30 hrs a workshop will be given at the Van Ede & Partners building (Klatteweg 107).

What are we going to do?:
We all have to deal with choices and the final choices have consequences. From personal experience the Wim Hof Method, Oxyden Advantage (oxygen gain), the sea, walking and meditation a.o. have given many positive changes in my view of the world. And I am much more aware of my choices. I also share these experiences with my clients in order to give them better insights with nice associated consequences.

For who is it?
Suitable for anyone who wants to develop him-/herself further in the field of personal leadership (ability to lead and direct yourself).

What’s in it for you?
It gives insight into yourself and provides development tools for guidance and direction. Perseverance and dealing with setbacks.

What participants say about this workshop
Focused on physical life as a counterpart to mental work. You come very close to yourself and you learn to observe yourself in a different way. Enough rest to arrive at yourself and new experiences. Angelique is a strong example!

Practical information
Costs: € 120 for Max members (invoice will be sent by mail)
Trainer: Angelique van Vliet
Location: Van Ede & Partners in collaboration with Max Health Club
Number of participants: minimum 6, maximum 10

Zen and mindfulness workshop April 16, 2019

Everyone has a passion in this life. Nobody excepted. Your passion is your mission. Zen is focused on removing all noise, so that your mission in this life becomes clear. It is what gets you out of bed three hours earlier.

If you say you have no passion or mission in this life, then your mission is to find it. How? By doing as many things as possible. Only by doing will you find what you are looking for. And if you have found something and are no longer happy with it, then you must continue. Life is continuous transformation. Just look around you. That's all there is to it.

The zen method is unique because it has no dogmas. Zen is pure nakedness, has nothing to do with morality. Nor with ethics or religion. It is a methodical training of the mind.

Meditation (zazen) is apart from, a.o. experience of nature, archery, mindfulness, flower arranging, the tea ceremony, singing, enquiry, working, painting and koan practice, one of the many practical fruits that zen has borne, to gain insight into the true nature of mind.

Mindfulness is an awareness process. The careful and non-judgmental looking at your own built-in automatically fixed patterns. By recognizing these automatisms, acknowledging that they are there, you can then accept what your pitfalls are in everyday life. Pitfalls that ensure that you do not live your best life. If you can mindfully change these automatic actions, you create new patterns in your brain that replace your old fixed patterns.

By consciously paying attention to what you are doing, you connect yourself with this moment. You will only find happiness in this moment, not in the future. Many people will recognize that they can be busy in this moment with something that is yet to come: I will have to go shopping later, go send an email, go to work out, go play with my children, go meditate, etc. This can be very handy, but when it becomes a habit, you are on autopilot. This can cause a feeling of stress and unrest.

During our workshop we focus on the practice of zazen and mindfulness. However, if you join us for a weekend or week, there is room and attention for several aspects of the training.

Danny Snoek and Ramon Roelofs

Registration is via your MyWellness app. Registration in the app is open from 2th April.

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