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Cycling shoes

Indoor cycling is one of the most popular sports in many health clubs. And that is for a good reason. It is ideal to burn fat and improve your condition. And indoor cycling is also suited for every level. But what kind of shoes do you wear during the lessons?

One side of the pedal has a toe clip where you can slide your shoe in .The other side has a click pedal in which you can really click your shoe. The official name of this is SPD pedal.

Toeclip or SPD pedal?
Are you starting with indoor cycling? Then it is best for the first time to use the toeclips. In this way you can even use your old sports shoes to see how if feels. You simply slide your shoe through the toe clip and then fasten your shoe with a buckle.
Make sure that your shoe is tightly attached. You do not want to come loose during spinning.

Why a cycling shoe with SPD is better
To be able to put the right power on your pedals, your foot must be in a certain position on the pedal. Something that cannot be done properly with a toeclip and your own shoes.

On the shoes you can clearly see where you need to fix the SPD plates.
When your shoes are attached to the SPD pedals, you can exert traction and pushing force on your pedal. You no longer have a chance to accidentally slip off your bike pedal. This not only feels more secure, with a clipped shoe you save your strength and you can sustain longer.

What are the main focal points when buying a spinning shoe:
Ventilation is important for a spinning shoe
In a health club you do not have the cooling wind that you have outside, this makes indoor cycling warm! And this makes your feet swell a little bit. In order to prevent your feet from getting pinched in the shoes, they have to fit comfortably.

Tips when buying indoor cycling shoes
• Always buy a large fitting size
• Ensure adequate ventilation
• Click system? Then choose SPD-PD (SPD-SL is for racing bikes)
• No click system? Then tighten the buckle of the pedal firmly 

THE specialist shop for cycling in the Netherlands, Kaptein Tweewielers, has selected the 2 best indoor cycling shoes for us and they are available at Max this month. We have the Specialized Women's Remix road and the Sport RBX road in stock. Two breathable shoes ideal for the indoor cycling class.

So if you want to make the switch to an SPD pedal or are you looking for a new shoe, we can help you at Max this month!

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