COVID-19 Update

Dear Max member,

Here an update due to Covid-19.

As you may have seen, we try to provide you daily with workouts and tips & tricks to get through the day. The Max team has now been transformed into a newspaper editorial to expand and supplement our “Max daily” every day.

We are also working in small teams at the gym ,1.5 meters away from each other, doing cleaning and repair work.

We are very proud to see how we tackle this with the entire Max team and how everyone of the team is committed and gets his hands up.

What about my subscription?

We get a lot of questions about the payment of the subscription fees.

Because nothing is really clear to us at the moment, we have decided to put the subscription fee payments on hold until the beginning of April. We hope to know more by then so that we can come to you with a good and appropriate solution.

Everything in this, of course, depends on the support we actually receive from the government and on the number of members who do not cancel their subscription en masse.

You do not have to contact the club about any further questions regarding your subscription, we will come back to you with a good and appropriate solution.

Thank you for your understanding and hopefully until April 7th. Until that time; stay safe and healthy!

With sporty greetings,

Team Max Health Club

Ps. don't forget to sign up for our “Max daily”. You will receive new workouts in your mailbox every morning. You can register via this link.


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