Max Health Club scoort een gemiddelde beoordeling van 4,8 uit 5 op basis van 74 beoordelingen

Bas Kolthoff

In this way, I would like to thank everyone who has shown compassion with us in recent years.Bas has been ill for 4 years and there was always genuine interest in the form of a conversation, card or message.
Bas died last 8 December.
I regret that it was not possible to invite everyone who knew him personally to the funeral ceremony.
A number of people got the idea that the funeral was private. We have indeed been reluctant to disclose place and time because space was limited.
I am very sorry that for that reason many have not been able to say goodbye to Bas.
From February I will again be present at Max regularly.

Kind regards, Nicole Kolthoff-Van Rijsinge

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