Already in shape through the Cycle shape lessons?

In September we started with the new cycle shape lessons. With these lessons, cardio and power on the bike are merged into one. You can make it tougher for yourself by playing with the weights and who knows, you might be training with the same weight as in the gym. Who knows! Not tried yet? Then quickly participate in this 45-minute spectacle at the following times: Monday 9:30 and 18:00 hrs, Tuesday 9:00 hrs, Thursday 9:30 and 17:30 hrs, and Friday 9:30 hrs.

We are almost there…

This is one of the last newsletters of 2019, so take a moment to get to grips with the club's last ins and outs during thes...

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Wim Hof lovers, pay attention

In cooperation with Cool Event Scheveningen we will organize two Wim Hof workshops on the pier in Scheveningen this year and ne...

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