Yoga classes

The Body & Mind category are our gym classes in which we try to make the connection between the body and mind more consciously. Today, it is almost impossible to escape the 'fast' life in a busy society and that is why we would like to offer you the chance to escape it for a while and to return to yourself.

Join, for example, a powerful yoga class, such as a Vinyasa Yoga or Asthanga Yoga class. Or find more peace and relaxation in a Meditation or Yin Yoga class, where the poses are held for two to three minutes longer. In Studio 3, the gym transforms into a mecca of tranquility. You could roll out your mat, to participate in one of our Yoga classes or Pilates classes.

Vinyasa Yoga

The Vinyasa Yoga gym class is a flowing form of yoga, in which increasing your (inner) strength is central. The gym class consists of a series of exercises that flow smoothly together, supported by breathing techniques. Vinyasa Yoga is therefore also called Vinyasa Flow. With guidance of our yoga instructor, you will increase your focus and physical condition during the Vinyasa Yoga gym class.

Asthanga Yoga

The Asthanga Yoga gym class is a more active form of yoga, focused on a stricter, more intensive routine. During this gym class, you move to the rhythm of your breathing. With guidance of our yoga instructor, you will exercise yourself stronger, tighter and fitter. A yoga class with power!

Yin Yoga

The Yin Yoga group class focuses on strengthening and relaxing connective tissue and joints through postures that are held a little longer. The calm, simple and safe movements and breathing techniques ensure that this yoga class is suitable for both the novice and the advanced yoga practitioner. With guidance of our yoga instructor, you will experience deep physical and mental relaxation.


The Pilates group class is a physical and mental conditioning training that improves your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination around the spine and throughout the body. This ensures the correct posture and body control in daily life. In addition, a Pilates group class reduces stress as your mind focuses on how the body moves. With guidance of our yoga instructor, you will exercise yourself stronger, tighter and fitter.

Max Health Club 

Max Health Club The Hague has become a well-established name for the residents of Scheveningen, Archipelbuurt, Benoordenhout and all surrounding neighborhoods. As one of the best gyms in The Hague, Max Health Club presents itself as the family club where health and fitness come first. In addition to being an extensive fitness center, the club has a 20-meter long swimming pool and wellness area with associated facilities such as a sauna, steam bath and infrared lamps.

Not only adults could spend their time well here, also the smallest members are assured of having a good time. In addition to the childcare that the gym offers, juniors can also participate in various gym classes. Are they a little older? They could even join the fitness center accompanied by a professional trainer.

We are happy to welcome you to give you an impression of our club.

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