Spinning classes

Spinning is a workout in which you cycle, standing or sitting, to the rhythm of powerful music while working on condition improvement, muscle strengthening, and fat burning. Together with a professional spinning instructor you can let the sweat fall in our well-ventilated spacious, illuminated fitness studio.

You can participate in various gym classes during a Power Cycle or Freestyle Cycling on new Technogym bicycles in our spinning studio. You can also follow the trend and opt for the latest fad. Think, for example, of a Cycle Shape lesson. During this lesson you train your legs and at the same time get to work hard with the upper body in the presence of other different fitness attributes. So, you can just keep going to the gym in The Hague if you want to participate in the latest trends and fads!

Power Cycling 

Power Cycling is a gym class where you cycle intensively for 45 minutes. You do this based on your personal FTP. You can ask our fitness instructor before class to test your own FTP. During this gym class you follow the profile and intensity of the workout on a large screen related to your FTP. With guidance of our fitness instructor you train yourself stronger, tighter and fitter.

Freestyle Cycling 

Freestyle Cycling is an old school traditional group bike lesson, where our fitness instructor takes you on a 45-minute fun but serious bike ride. This class focuses mainly on intervals, high intensity, racing and climbing, which increases your physical condition and strength. You do not need an FTP test for this lesson.

Cycle Shape 

Cycle Shape is an addictive and fun full body workout on the bike. During this class you will use light hand weights. You drive in the dark, surrounded by loud music, disco lights and visuals. This lesson is more than a workout, it is enjoyment. Your body will be fueled with endorphins. With guidance of our fitness instructor you train yourself stronger, tighter and fitter.

Max Health Club

Max Health Club The Hague has become a well-established name for the residents of Scheveningen, Archipelbuurt, Benoordenhout and all surrounding neighborhoods. As one of the best gyms in The Hague, Max Health Club presents itself as the family club where health and fitness come first. In addition to being an extensive fitness center, the club has a 20-meter long swimming pool and wellness area with associated facilities such as a sauna, steam bath and infrared lamps.

Not only adults could spend their time well here, also the smallest members are assured of having a good time. In addition to the childcare that the gym offers, juniors can also participate in various gym classes. Are they a little older? They could even join the fitness center accompanied by a professional trainer.

We are happy to welcome you to give you an impression of our club. 

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