Fitness The Hague at Max Health Club

On the top floor of the gym you can use our fitness facilities yourself, or under the guidance of a trainer. The club offers countless opportunities to work on your fitness and health, and a spacious 600 m2 gym is one of them.

All fitness options

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, it doesn't matter at Max Health Club. There is always an instructor around to whom you can ask your questions and there is also the possibility to look at a tailor-made training schedule together with that person. Whether you go for strength training, cardio training, stretching exercises or interval training? Everything is possible. It is paramount at Max Health Club that everyone feels at home here and continues to belong to one of the best gyms in The Hague.

Of course you don't only have to use our Technogym cardio equipment in our fitness room, so there are plenty of attributes such as kettle and dumbbells, elastics and balls, to perform your own circuit, for example.

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