FAQS Max Health Club and COVID-19

Q: Is Max Health Club open?
A: No, our club is closed from March 15, 2020 at 6:00 PM, at least until Monday April 6.

Q: Can it take until after April 7th that Max Health Club remains closed?
A: That is completely beyond our control. At the moment nothing has been announced about this. Max Health Club will inform its members in good time via the website and by email of any changes that will take place based on government measures.

Q: I would like to train at home to stay fit? How do I do that? A: As a member of Max Health Club, we try to provide you with all the support you need. Keep an eye on our website, your email and the MywellnessApp. We also send our “Max daily” newsletter daily. Here you will find all kinds of training that you can do at home for that day. You need to register for the “Max daily”, you can <via this link>.

Q: Will I get my membership money back for the time Max Health Club is closed?
A: Much is still unclear to us, so we have chosen not to collect the subscription money for a while until there is further clarity for us. We hope to go up and back on April 7 and then come up with a good and appropriate solution. We are looking for alternatives during the forced closure in order to be able to continue to offer you tools to keep fit. We ask all members to understand the current situation.

Q: Can't I just "freeze" my Max Health Club membership?
A: No, we do not offer this option under the current circumstances. Also suspending your payment obligation for the period that we are closed would have disastrous consequences and is not possible. Max works hard in the background to find a solution to value your patience and loyalty. If we are open again in early April we will inform you further.

Q: Can I cancel my membership immediately?
A: In our opinion, the current situation is not a valid reason to cancel your membership immediately. In general, a subscription may be terminated after the initially agreed contract period, subject to the notice period.

Q: I have an old cheaper rate at Max, the rate before the renovation. If I cancel my subscription what will I pay when I return to Max?
A: Everyone who joins Max pays the current subscription rate. If you cancel and re-register again you will end up with the current subscription rate.

Q: My child has a swimming subscription, what about that?
A: The swimming subscription is covered by the Max Health Club subscriptions. The same conditions apply here as with the Max Health Club subscriptions.

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